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What is a Home Inspection?

Let me inspect your home.A home inspection is a visual, functional, non-invasive inspection conducted without moving personal property, furniture, equipment, plants, soil, snow, ice or debris, using the mandatory equipment and including the preparation of a home inspection report of the readily-accessible systems and components of a residential building; but excluding recreational facilities and outbuildings other than garages or carports.

Home inspections are performed in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Consumer Affairs, State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, Home Inspection Advisory Committee Standards of Practice Standards of Practice NJ ADC 13:40-15.16.

An inspection is hard work and should typically take between three and six hours some larger and more complicated homes will take longer. We encourage all clients to attend the home inspection. During the inspection we will discuss the positives, the negatives and the maintenance involved with owning a home. This is a lot of information to absorb so your presence will guarantee a better understanding of the home.


Buying a home is an enormous investment, buying a home without a home inspection is a risky gamble no home buyer should take.

A home inspection is the best way to gain the much needed knowledge to better understand the condition of the home.

The information you gain from the home inspection will help you the entire time you own the home.


A home inspection can serve as a blueprint for maintenance or repair projects that will make the house sell faster.

The inspection may uncover minor or major conditions that you may not know exist.

As the homeowner you may choose to do nothing, but at least you will be aware of issues a potential buyer will raise after they have your home inspected.

What is Inspected?

Structural Components:
Foundation, floors, walls, ceilings and roof.

Exterior Components:
Exterior surfaces, doors and windows. Attached or adjacent decks, balconies, stoops, steps, porches and their railings. Vegetation, grading, drainage and retaining walls with respect to their immediate detrimental effect on the condition of the building. Attached or adjacent walkways, patios and driveways. Attached or detached garages, garage doors and automatic door openers and entrapment protection mechanisms.

Roofing System Components:
Roofing surface, drainage systems, flashing, skylights and the exterior of chimneys.

Interior Components:
Walls, ceilings and floors. Steps, stairways and railings. Windows and doors. Installed kitchen cabinets, the kitchen range, oven, burners or elements, dishwasher and garbage disposer.

Insulation Components and Ventilation System:
Insulation in unfinished spaces without disturbing the insulation. Ventilation of attics and crawlspaces and mechanical ventilation systems.

Plumbing System Components:
Interior water supply and distribution system including functional flow and functional drainage, excluding wells and the related equipment. All interior fixtures and faucets. Drain, waste and vent systems excluding septic systems. Domestic water heating systems. Fuel distribution systems and drainage sumps, sump pumps and related piping.

Electrical System Components:
Service entrance system, main disconnects, main panels and sub panel, including interior components. Service grounding, wiring for the primary power distribution system and over current protection devices. Installed lighting fixtures, switches, receptacles and GFCI's.

Heating System Components:
Installed heating equipment and fuel source. Combustion vent system and chimneys. Fuel storage tanks excluding propane and underground tanks. Visible sections of the heat exchanger.

Cooling System Components:
Central cooling systems, excluding electronic air filters. Permanently installed hard-wired, through the wall cooling systems and energy source.

Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances:
Fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances. Chimneys and combustion vents excluding interiors of flues and chimneys.

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